Postcard for email newsletter for the New 2020 Year.
The newsletter has been prepared for the customer's employees. It talked about the successes of the year and plans for the next one. Of course also it was about happy and great Winter Holidays.
Various employees have different lifestyles, hobbies, and holiday traditions, so I decided to showcase this diversity through various winter holiday scenes.
I just took recognizable winter scenes. Added more diagonal directions for the dynamics of the characters.

This illustration depicts a moment when time has stopped and the characters are frozen in their actions. The scene unfolds on the street, where people carry out their activities.
I positioned all the characters in a frontal, flat composition to create the feeling of a freeze-frame, as if the scene had been captured on camera.
As for the design of illustrations. I wanted to add coziness, which is perfectly emphasized by textures.
And in order to unite multi-characters and textures, to make it readable, I decided to use minimum colors.
Together with the team of the academy, we approved ocher and cobalt blue as the main ones.

Ocher promotes warmth and coziness, while cobalt blue evokes images of snow and winter landscapes. Together, they create a harmonious and pleasant image that reflects the unique mood of the season.
Since all elements of the illustration overlapped with each other, and the palette was limited, I added volume with shadows.
I added a terry, knitting texture for cozy feeling.
An e-mail card is a great way to spread holiday cheer, lift the spirits of colleagues and friends, and remind them to relax and enjoy the peace of the season after a busy year. Each element of the illustration has been carefully chosen to create an image that will leave a positive impression on the recipients.

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