The Saint Javelin meme is considered a symbol of resistance against Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory. This project was created to support Ukraine and its army by raising funds through the sale of t-shirts featuring an image I designed. Since there was no strict brief for the project, I had the freedom to choose the colors, forms and the story behind the image myself.
I decided to draw inspiration from the depictions of saints in the 13th-15th centuries, a time when such depictions were popular. During this period, saints were often depicted with primitive features and without distinct outlines. However, in my design, I incorporated modern forms and a brighter color palette.

And a couple of examples came out.

Here is an image of Madonna holding a figurative "baby Javelin" and standing on top of a dead eagle. The eagle is a symbol of Russia, as it is featured on the country's coat of arms. The depiction of Madonna standing on the eagle can be interpreted as a symbolic act of triumph over Russian aggression.

I wanted to create a narrative similar to those depicted in frescoes found in temples. The image features a man holding a "Saint Javelin," with two people holding Ukrainian flags nearby. The blue sky serves as the backdrop for the scene. Below are the eagles, similar to the eagles on the Russian coat of arms, against an image of hell in the background.

I chose to incorporate a pseudo-ethnic style and used designs that resemble traditional ornaments. The ornamentation is created using abstract geometric or simplified shapes.
Several elements that serve as symbols of positivity, such as the sun or birds representing freedom. Additionally, the color blue is used to represent a clear sky, free from the destructive effects of explosions and rockets.
And the little part down below portrays the russian eagles as defeated and killed, which serves as a symbol of the triumph of truth and peace.
The project depicting Ukraine's victory in the war contains elements that indicate that Ukraine is waging war against russian aggression. 
There are also symbols of victory and support the idea of peace and independence of Ukraine. This project emphasizes the importance of protecting freedom and human rights, and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and support in the struggle for peace and democracy.

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